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Emergency Contacts

Welcome to Kalymnos, a picturesque Greek island known for its stunning landscapes, pristine beaches, and rich history. To ensure your visit is safe and enjoyable, we’ve compiled a list of essential contact information for emergency services and local authorities. Whether you’re exploring the island’s beautiful nature, indulging in its cuisine, or simply enjoying a relaxing vacation, knowing these details can provide peace of mind during your stay.

Emergency Contacts:

Kalymnos Rescue Team: In case of any emergency, including accidents or climbing-related incidents, you can rely on the Kalymnos Rescue Team.

Phone: (0030) 6972236147, (0030) 6977639090, (0030) 6974380803


Hospital – Kalymnos General Hospital: For medical emergencies and healthcare needs, the Kalymnos General Hospital is equipped to provide essential medical services.

    • Phone: Emergency: (0030) 22433 61931
    • Ambulance: (0030) 22430 22166


Port Authority – Port Police: If you need assistance related to port activities, maritime issues, or harbor safety, the Port Authority is your go-to contact.

Phone: (0030) 22430 24444 (0030) 22430 29304


Police Station – Kalymnos Police Department: For reporting any incidents, seeking assistance, or addressing security concerns, reach out to the local police. 

Phone: (0030) 22430 22100 (0030) 22430 29301


Fire Brigade – Kalymnos Fire Department: In case of a fire or related emergencies, contact the local Fire Brigade.

Phone: (0030) 22430 22222


Useful Information:

Tourist Information Center: For guidance on local attractions, accommodations, and activities, you can visit the Tourist Information Center.

    • Address: Pothia port
    • Phone: +30 2243 029299 

Emergency Services – European Union 112: In case of any emergency, you can dial 112, the universal emergency number in the European Union. This number can connect you to the appropriate local services.

Airport – Kalymnos Island National Airport: If you are arriving by air, the airport provides information and services for travelers.

    • Phone: (0030) 22430 59370 (0030) 22430 59302

Post Office – Kalymnos Post Office: For postal and mailing services, visit the local post office.

    • Address: Ag. Theologos Pothia
    • Phone: (0030) 22430 28340

Taxi Stations: Kalymnos has taxi services available for convenient transportation around the island. You can find taxis at various locations or contact them directly for pick-up.

    • Phone: (0030) 22430 50300

Currency Exchange: Kalymnos has several banks and currency exchange offices where you can convert your currency to the Euro.