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Vlychadia beach

Vlychadia Beach, Kalymnos: A Natural Gem for Diving Enthusiasts

Nestled on the picturesque southern coast of Kalymnos, Vlychadia Beach is a hidden treasure for those seeking pristine waters, diverse marine life, and a unique seaside experience. Located just 6 kilometers southwest of Pothia, the island’s capital, Vlychadia distinguishes itself with its crystalline waters, making it an ideal spot for scuba diving and snorkeling adventures, revealing rich fauna, vibrant flora, and a captivating underwater world.

Natural Beauty: The beach at Vlychadia, a mix of sand and pebbles, is surrounded by lush trees that provide refreshing shade to visitors seeking respite from the Mediterranean sun. While Vlychadia is not home to extensive tourist facilities, it radiates a sense of untouched beauty, offering a serene and unspoiled coastal environment.

How to Get There: Vlychadia Beach can be reached via a charming road that starts from the village of Vothini, which is located to the southwest of Pothia. This scenic route winds its way through the island’s rugged landscapes and eventually leads to the pristine shores of Vlychadia.

Dining by the Sea: Vlychadia is graced with a lovely tavern that invites beachgoers to savor traditional Greek flavors while gazing out at the azure waters. Additionally, a small snack bar right on the beach provides refreshments, ensuring that your day at Vlychadia is as delightful as possible.

Exploring the Surroundings: The area surrounding Vlychadia is rich in history and natural wonders. Just near the Monastery of Agia Aikaterini, you’ll discover the “cave of Kefalas” or “Cave of Zeus.” This remarkable cave spans 1,000 square meters and comprises six chambers adorned with awe-inspiring stalactites and stalagmites. A 103-meter-long imposing corridor adds to the allure of this subterranean wonder, where traces of worship of Olympian Zeus have been found.

An exciting attraction awaits at the private Museum of Marine Finds Valsamidis, located next to the sandy beach of Vlychadia. This unique museum showcases exhibits related to sponge fishing, a vast array of plants, and sea creatures. Notably, it houses an entire wreck of an ancient merchant ship with amphorae and other artifacts dating from the 6th to the 2nd century BC. The museum also features naval finds from the First and Second World Wars, as well as a photographic collection comprising around 2,000 images that shed light on the history and traditions of the island’s sponge industry.

Your Journey to Vlychadia: Kalymnos Bookings invites you to embark on a unique adventure at Vlychadia Beach, where the crystal-clear waters unveil the mysteries of the deep. Whether you’re an underwater enthusiast, a history buff, or simply a nature lover, Vlychadia offers a tranquil and unspoiled coastal escape that promises a memorable day by the sea. Your journey to Vlychadia Beach begins here.